My final concept Assignment

In my final assignment i have chosen to explore the two concept we cover in the term Instruments/ tool: music and sound technologies and also Remix which looks at sampling.

Sound or music can be created from all form of item. (Thomas Roeber and Floris Leeuwenbery) explores an African village where normal movement of people creates sound by different activities.       here is a picture of some guys using basic household to create sounds. which is beyond the human voice.   It is extraordinary how musical sound can be staged not from the usual electrical instruments. or a stage or musical composers.

this to clips expresses furthermore the use of basic tool to create music. a street performer by (Yuki and Taku in Singapore) on youtube and also a couple at their own home playing with different items in their home to create sound. (Upstairs Neighbours) what strikes me in the Upstairs neighbours is how the two couples thinks they are making sounds but people below them sees it differently. your our views on what is music or sound is down to the individual listener. my aim on this assignment is to use samples of my recording in my Remix. I aim to record myself using equipment in my kitchen. to create a polyrhythms sound which is shown in the video above.





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